Our Mission

To communicate trust, awareness, and authenticity on stem cell innovation and research. By educating through validated information, thought leadership and accredited networks, we bridge the gap between consumers, the medical world and enterprise.

About Us

"Innovations in stem cell treatments have the capacity to transform healthcare in the near future. Wideacademy will play a significant role in the development of the sector by building awareness and thought leadership and by creating learning resources to educate patients, practitioners and academics."

Alan Greenberg, Co-Founder and SVP Wideacademy

At Wideacademy we aim to drive awareness and understanding of some of the outstanding work driving stem cell research and its application in a growing range of treatments.

We aim to provide best practice, case studies, academic resources and courses. Our content is digital, meaning it is always available and relevant in context and in content.

We work in collaboration with major technology companies through their software-as-service and cloud capabilities. This allows us to leverage existing networks to universities and medical schools and to work with companies who are providing the technology infrastructure to hospitals, medical facilities and GP practices worldwide.

As a digital first environment, our mission is not only to build an education and thought leadership platform which will create information and service flows for medical professionals, in and around the stem cell industries, as well as medical insurers (such as CellPlan), but also to make this information available and accessible to the individual and to the family; to help families make an important decision in how they invest in wellbeing and increase their medical wealth for their dependents in the 21st Century.

Our Team

Alan Greenberg

Alan Greenberg

Co-founder and SVP Wideacademy; Non-Executive Director WideCells Group PLC

Alan leads the Wideacademy thought leadership and advocacy strategies. He has a wealth of experience in nurturing start-up companies in education technologies, and healthcare sectors, globally. He was previously Head of Higher Education at Apple EMEA, then Apple Education Director, China. His team were responsible for building the technologies behind Podcasting and iTunes U.

Jimmy Leach

Jimmy Leach

VP, Tech and Comms

Jimmy will be working on how, and where, Wideacademy communicates, working on its content and its platforms. He has previously worked as head of digital communications in 10 Downing Street, as head of Digital Diplomacy for the Foreign Office and as executive editor at Guardian.co.uk and head of digital at The Independent.


Emma Hutson

VP Learning & Development

Emma joins Wideacademy to lead the development of its learning resources and help to bring a wider understanding of stem cell technology to the public, partners and professional community. Emma has worked at the forefront of innovation in education technology on the launch of MOOC start-up, FutureLearn, where she helped to set up the content operations and designed courses to train partners and clients. She has created online courses and delivered digital learning strategies to organisations across various sectors. She previously worked as an Interactive Editor at BBC Online.

Peter Hollands

Professor Peter Hollands

Dean, Wideacademy; CSO WideCells Group PLC; Executive Director

A leading figure in stem cell treatment and IVF — Peter trained at Cambridge University under the supervision of Professor Sir Robert Edwards FRS, the inventor of IVF and Nobel Laureate, gaining a PhD from Cambridge University in stem cell technology. Peter has carried out research in stem cell technology, written numerous papers and book chapters on stem cell technology, and has been invited to lecture on stem cell technology in the Vatican, House of Lords and the Canadian Parliament.

Galia Zakharova

Galia Zakharova

VP, Enterprise

Galia will lead Wideacademy’s work in the enterprise sector, working with innovators in fintech, healthtech and other areas of enterprise, especially cord blood banks and insurance providers. She is an entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in finance industries in eastern Europe and the Middle East, especially.

Matthew Lord

Matthew Lord

Head of Marketing

Matthew studied marketing management whilst at university. He has over 15 years’ experience in delivering marketing across a wide range of businesses and markets coving life sciences, professional service and utilities. As a marketing generalist Matthew brings his wealth of experience and knowledge in dealing with the wide and complex marketing needs of wideacademy. He is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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Olivia Rezek MSc AMRSB

Laboratory Scientist, WideCells

Olivia is a research-oriented scientist with a background in neuroscience. She was educated at King’s College London and conducted a cell biology-based research project at the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London. After learning about ‘neural stem cells and nervous system repair’ she became fascinated with stem cell research and its potential to positively impact society. She now applies her interest to her laboratory scientist role at WideCells.

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