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Want to talk to your doctor about stem cells?

by Wideacademy on 04 February, 2018

Still not sure what to think? Want to ask for a second opinion from your doctor? No worries, we’ve got you covered with our handy printable leaflet, just follow the steps below:

Step 1
Download or print out our handy leaflet, that covers the basics of stem cells.

Step 2
Show the leaflet either on your phone or as a print out to your doctor and discuss.

Read through the leaflet (below), download or print out when you're ready.

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Doctor Doctor, let’s talk about stem cells

Why are we here?

As a medical professional, you know that stem cells are an exciting area of research with established and experimental treatments showing promising results.


Your patient is interested in stem cell therapies but may be unsure where to start. We’ve recommended they come to you, their trusted doctor, to discuss the following:

Why should I store stem cells?

Stem cells can be harnessed in regenerative medicine to repair damaged tissue or organs.

There are more than 80 diseases that can either be cured or treated using stem cells. With medical advancements underway, stem cells are expected to become the basis for treating a whole host of other chronic conditions.

Stem cells could safeguard the future health of a whole family.

How can I store stem cells?

Expectant parents can consider storing blood from their baby’s umbilical cord after birth.

Cord stem cells are capable of regenerating the immune system, nerves, bone and other tissue types— not just for your baby but, potentially, for the whole family.

Stem cells can be stored from adult teeth extracted during routine orthodontic procedures, or when a child loses a milk tooth.

What’s the procedure for collecting cord blood?

Stem cells are retrieved from the umbilical cord and placenta after birth.

Cord blood is processed in a laboratory before stem cells are frozen in liquid nitrogen. Once frozen, cord blood stem cells are theoretically stable indefinitely.

How are stem cells from dental pulp collected?

You place the extracted tooth into a collection pot which is sent to a stem cell bank within 72 hours. The tooth is then opened to expose the dental pulp where the stem cells reside.

The tooth is stored in liquid nitrogen vapour at -180 degrees Centigrade to ensure the stem cells inside remain stable.

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